Leveling Agent

Doxflow® is a brand of leveling agent developed by DOXA based on silicon, fluorine, and acrylic technology that provides an excellent solution to leveling problems.
I. Product Functions

Doxflow Leveling Wetting Defoaming Slip Recoat System
3210 Solvent
3300 Solvent
3400 Solvent
6770 Solvent & UV
6971 Water & UV

:Excellent        :Good        :Average

II. Product Specification

Doxflow Chemistry Solid% Solvent         Application
3210 Acrylic copolyer 70 Xylene For auto refine adn plastic coating system.
Modified for wider resin compatibility.
3300 Fluoro-modified arcylic
70 Xylene Fluoro-modified
Excellent substrate wetting.
3400 Modified acrylic copolymer 60 Xylene For floor coating.
Good flow and leveling with defoaming property.
6770 Modified silicone 12 Butyl acetate For industrial paint.
Manly to improve hand feel. Increase saturation.
6971 Modified polyether silicone 12 DPGME For water and UV system. Good leveling.
Does not affect substrate adhesion.
Has good defoaming property.